The MERIDIAN experience:
a journey together

It all begins with getting acquainted with each other, gradually building rapport and trust. Transparency is critical.
Mutual respect grows and develops into esteem.

Our five-step work.

It is a journey through which the meridian helps you position and navigate.


We focus on your destination

YOU: it is essential that you openly tell us your concerns, your fears or your desires or simply your experiences and – if you want – your relationship with money.

WE: listen and we ask you questions to better understand your situation. We frame the issue, your priorities and we understand how to align with you and your values.

Offering alternatives

We evaluate all alternative routes

WE: go away and study your personal situation, taking all the necessary time. We will come back to you with an individual solution. Not a standardized or ‘off the shelf’ solution. We formulate alternative but equally valid solutions and we explain the details and make sure everything is clear to you.

YOU: ask questions (as many as you want), share your doubts, fears or simple curiosities. As many as you wish,

Developing the best solution

We choose the best route

YOU: check our proposal and specific financial recommendations. You endorse them and make them yours.

WE: create a personalized plan. We guide you and we make sure you understand the value of planning.

Sailing towards the destination

Let’s sail together

WE:  take care of studying, analyzing and summarizing all the information that is important for the financial choices we have defined together. We work through them in a rational and straight way, far from the emotions of the market or from the sensationalism of the press. We take care of all the necessary adjustments along the way, and keep the portfolio under control and according to our pre-defined risk parameters. We make sure to involve you, especially when there are important choices to be made together.

YOU: will continue to deal with the most important aspects of your life. You can call us at any time you wish to do so, knowing that your investments are constantly monitored.

Creating new goals and objectives

We move toward other destinations

YOU: as you see the value of us working together for the best financial advise, you may want to see us more and more as your financial coach: Involving us in other projects such as retirement planning, projects for your children, purchases of high value goods and more.

WE: will continue to listen to your needs, and frame them in the context of your financial situation. We will offer you choices, which are suitable for your current life stage and tailored to who you are.

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