We work for people, not institutions

We have a long and established professional history and
we put it at your disposal.

We are truly independent financial advisors and we want to tell you our story.

We have worked for many years in the largest investment and commercial banks around the world: from London to Shanghai, from Tokyo to New York, where we gained a strong understanding of financial markets and equally developed ourselves professionally and holistically on all important aspects of investment management.

We have a professional DNA in common, we worked alongside each other, have grown together and we share a fundamental approach: provide clients with the best and most suited investment strategies and practices.

Today, we have chosen the path of  independence: we are independent financial consultants.

Today we are not tied to banks, or to investment policies or guidelines which are decided elsewhere. We are not under pressure to promote a specific financial product or investment solutions we do not believe in.

Today we are delivering our advisory services in a different way. We work for people and want to establish more personal, satisfying and rewarding relationships.

Today we are going beyond the sole aspect of successful financial returns: We want to accompany our clients on the path that lead them to realize their life projects.

Our experience

Riccardo Tajè

Founder & Senior Partner

JP Morgan – London, UK- 9 years
Derivatives and options on interest rates and bonds

Shanghai – 2 years
2 years sabbatical, learning about the booming economy in Asia

Generali Insurance Group – Lugano, Switzerland – 1 year
Alternative assets portfolio manager

Mangart Capital Advisor SA – Lugano, Switzerland – 1 year
Head of Treasury

JC Associati SIM – Milano, Italy – 5 years
Wealth advisor for HNW and corporates

Azimut SGR – Milan, Italy- 4 years
Wealth advisor for HNW and corporates

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Il tuo titolo va qui

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Tell us about a decision that changed your life

As a young graduate I enrolled at university, perhaps just out of curiosity. Like so many young people, at that age I didn’t really know what I wanted to do in life. After six months and three exams, curiosity kicked in coupled with strong interest for knowledge. Since then I have never stopped reading and studying. I always tell myself that enrolling in university in that summer of 1990 changed my life. I believe there is no investment with higher returns than investing in knowledge.

What is happiness for you?

“… to maintain, instruct, educate and morally assist the children, respecting their abilities, natural inclinations and aspirations …” *. * [it’s taken from the Constitution of Italy].
Parents begin the work, then it is up to each of us to find the path that leads to happiness. I found mine thanks to fantastic friends with whom I shared experiences and emotions; thanks to a wonderful woman who decided to embark on the journey of life with me; all without ever forgetting to pursue dreams. One of those dreams has since taken shape: that dream today is called Meridian. Happiness for me is rooted in friendship, love and work.

You always say that Europe is your home, can you tell us why?

It all started in 1994 when I participated in the Erasmus program. For over 20 years I have friends who I see regularly in Germany, Spain and around the world. I was lucky enough to experience the added value of a pan-European home. Value that does not lie only in mere economic advantages, but also in the immense and intangible value of the diversity of cultures. Knowing and understanding how to deal with different cultures makes us grow: we must experience all of Europe to understand how fantastic and enriching it will be for future generations.

Valerio Maria de Stasio

Founder & Senior Partner

JP Morgan International – London UK – 5 years
Interest rates and currencies derivatives and options on equity markets

Merrill Lynch Capital Markets Bank – London/Milan – 10 years
Head of Asian Equity Sales

Standard Chartered Bank – Milan – 4 years
Head of Origination – Financial Institutions group – Portugal, Spain, Italy and Greece

Fineco Bank – Milan – 8 years
Wealth advisor for HNW and corporates

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Il tuo titolo va qui

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Who is the person who most inspired you in the interpretation of your work?

This may be a familiar example, but the personal and professional story of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, has had a strong impact on the professional I am today. It is a story of genius and risk-taking, with a strong focus on quality, product design and the best user experience to customers of Apple.
The appreciation of beauty combined with ease of use was what struck me the most and something I constantly aspire to deliver for my clients – albeit in a less overt or tangible manner.
A particular line in his speech (watch it) to the recent graduates of Stanford in 2015 resonated with me: “Stay hungry and stay foolish”, or continue to be curious and hungry for news and let yourself go a little in pursuit of your passions (the latter a free translation on my part, but the meaning is that … :))

What hobbies are you passionate about?

I have many passions: scuba diving, golf and semi-competitive swimming since I was 14.

When I was 6, my father bought drums: Music had been his dream from a young age, but he never had the resources to pursue it. I was more fortunate that, at the age of 6, I already had a real musical instrument in my bedroom. I approached the drums almost on tiptoes and discovered its potential: in addition to giving the rhythm to all the other members of the band, it forces you to focus on each of your 4 limbs working them independently. The right hand does something different from the left leg and the right leg does something completely different from the left hand and arm. It may seem strange, but it is a tool that forces you to concentrate physically as well. Now, 40 years later, drums are my second love (after my family). I have been playing it since that age and I continue to play it today: I followed the advice of Steve Jobs, in my own small way, and I continue to cultivate this passion.

This is my band: www.staar.it

If you went back to your 18 years, what advice would you give yourself?

I would tell that young man to follow his passions as much as possible and to remain curious and open in life. Because what you learn by following your passions will certainly be useful in the future, in your profession. For example, playing the drums in a band made me understand the importance of teamwork. Swimming competitively has taught me the importance of perseverance and pushing through fatigue, finding the second wind when you would like to give everything up and stop.

Laura Abbà

Head of Customer Care

Banca Mediolanum – Milan, Italy – 5 years
Head of customer care for mass affluent clients

Banca Mediolanum – Milan, Italy – 4 years
Legal & Compliance for mass affluent clients

FinecoBank – Milan, Italy – 4 years
Head of customer care for private clients

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Il tuo titolo va qui

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Tell us a little about yourself ...

I was born and raised in a town of 800 inhabitants, but I was lucky enough to have two very young parents with the desire to discover the world and who did everything to instill this curiosity in my sister and me. After several trips with them, I was given a suitcase for my 14th birthday … red, beautiful. A wonderful gift because from that year on I started traveling independently with study-holiday groups.

These were unique experiences that I was lucky enough to repeat on the other side of the fence, accompanying groups of children and seeing the fourteen-year-old me on the one hand scared, but on the other excited by this first taste of independence.

Is there a place where you left your heart?

Wer fremde Sprachen nicht kennt, weiβ nichts von seiner eigenen” (He who does not know foreign languages, knows nothing of his own) – Wolfgang Goethe. This sentence inspired my pursuit of German course in high school and it is a sentence that always stuck with me. You cannot know something if you do not leave the garden of your own home, so I leave a piece of my heart in every place I visit. Each enriched me in some way. The place I’d go back hundreds of times, though, is undoubtedly Scotland. It was where I was hosted for my first study vacation as a student, for the first study vacation as a mentor (with younger students); and where I took my mother on a wonderful road trip, immersing ourselves completely in Scottish nature, its customs and its mysteries.

What are your passions?

I started an amateur sports club and I am a karate instructor. I started this sport at the age of 11 almost by chance after seeing the classic “Karate Kid”. I remember the first evening of the course: the only girl in a much older male-only course. I did not let myself be intimidated: in fact, I saw it as a challenge. 22 years later, and most of them I have been practicing and participating at European competitive levels, I am still on the mat. 

In addition, I am part of a volunteer red-cross rescue association in the province of Pavia. An experience that can get emotional and draining but, seeing the smiles of the people I was able to help, gives me the courage to face even situations where unfortunately I was not able to arrive in time for help.

Silvia Corradin

Registered Investment Advisor

Investment portfolio analyst

University of Verona, Italy – Verona, Italy – 5 years
Diploma in Quantitave Finance, 2018

Vicenza registered investment advisory – Vicenza, Italy – 1 year
Clients’ account management – back office

BCC Credito Cooperativo Alto Vicentino – Vicenza, Italy – 1 year 
Junior private banker

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Il tuo titolo va qui

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What brings you into the world of financial advice?

I stepped into the world of finance during my studies at university. I took subjects such as private banking, which had a strong impact on me, thanks also to my professor’s passion. I subsequently chose it for my thesis.

From there my interest in financial consultancy began. I realized that I wanted to increase my skills in this sector to be able to put them to use in my profession. I strongly believe in independent consultancy, without conflicts of interest and acting personalized to each client’s needs and objectives.

Later on, I continued to deepen my knowledge through different courses to enrich my professional background. I think that ongoing education is very important in today’s world.

What are the most important issues for you for a better future?

“Sustainability is not a thing to do, but a thing to be”. I believe strongly in this sentence, as I feel that one of the main issues today on which we all should reflect, should be aimed at the sustainability of our actions.

This comes from my strong belief in respect for our planet, the biodiversity and nature that surrounds us.

I try as far as I can to respect the environment and to make small gestures every day that combined can lead to a better world in the future. A very important value for me is time, which represents the only resource that cannot be purchased, and to which maximum quality should be given.

What I try to do every day, is to try to improve myself, to always learn new things by getting involved and making the most of the time available to me. 

What do you do in your free time?

In my free time my favorite thing to do is to immerse myself in nature as much as possible.

I love the mountain and everything it gives me, from the view once I have reached the top to the effort to reach it.

The mountain represents how I live my life, in small steps, with the right measure but with great determination. 

I love to travel and discover new cultures, traditions and taste the typical dishes of the places I visit.

One of the most beautiful places I was lucky enough to visit was Norway. I did a beautiful trek that remains in my heart where I reached the Preikestolen, a rock overlooking the Norwegian fjords. It was a unique experience.

For me the time spent traveling is the best gift I can ever have.

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